Visualizzazione dei post da Febbraio, 2016

On books and a recipe to try

Hello my dear,
I am still quite behind schedule. Needless to say, as a professional procrastinator I usually prepare my to-do lists and let them simmer until they pop in my face and I start suddenly to fret about them and try to get things done.
Lately I have been reading! It is always unusual when I decide to open a book (not a cookbook) and get through it, how amazing.
I finally read The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence.
I have just actually read her biography and I suddenly found in her life some similarities with the main character Hagar. Margaret’s mother died when she was only four (while Hagar’s mother died upon giving birth to her) and an aunt stepped in to take care of her, later marrying her father. I actually find a bit amusing that instead Hagar’s aunt did not manage to get her father to marry her. Also I believe that probably the dysfunctional relationship with her husband may reflect in Hagar’s troubled marriage. 
Overall the book is definitely worth reading, despite the fact…