On books and a recipe to try

Hello my dear,

I am still quite behind schedule. Needless to say, as a professional procrastinator I usually prepare my to-do lists and let them simmer until they pop in my face and I start suddenly to fret about them and try to get things done.

Lately I have been reading! It is always unusual when I decide to open a book (not a cookbook) and get through it, how amazing.

I finally read The Stone Angel  by Margaret Laurence.

I have just actually read her biography and I suddenly found in her life some similarities with the main character Hagar. Margaret’s mother died when she was only four (while Hagar’s mother died upon giving birth to her) and an aunt stepped in to take care of her, later marrying her father. I actually find a bit amusing that instead Hagar’s aunt did not manage to get her father to marry her. Also I believe that probably the dysfunctional relationship with her husband may reflect in Hagar’s troubled marriage. 

Overall the book is definitely worth reading, despite the fact that I found a bit disconcerting the lack of love and trust that I always hope to see interspersed in the lines of a novel. Only in a couple that Hagar meets at the hospital, I could notice a constructive relationship, still though haunted by the lack of children, despite their different desires.

Still thinking about the author’s life, it is distressing to read Hagar’s fall into sickness and death, especially considering that the book was written in 1964 and later in 1986 Margaret would find out too late that she had lung cancer and would end up in the same difficult path.

On a completely different style, I just read beloved Arto Paasilinna Il liberatore dei popoli oppressi VapahtajaSurunen, 1986 trad it 2015  

The very unlikely Surunen manages to save several political prisoners around the world. The book dates 1986, despite having being only recently translated to Italian. Some of the political frames, may be outdated, but Paasilinna delivers as usual a sharp depiction of human nature in his typical melancholic and humorous style.

In the kids’ department, we have totally enjoyed Astrid Lindgren’s Lotta combinaguai "Barnen på Bråkmakargatan" - "Lotta på Bråkmakargatan" in a great edition illustrated by beloved Beatrice Alemagna. My son (4 years old) simply loved it and is still asking to have the book read to him.

On the cooking side of life, if you are like me a banana bread person, you may want to try Nigella Lawson’s Breakfast Banana Bread 
The only tweak I suggest, is limiting baking soda to a pinch. The cake will not rise as much, but it is worth skipping on the metallic aftertaste of soda.

Have a gorgeous weekend!