cooking peas

Hello dearest reader,

I hope you are enjoying a restful moment, before storming to whatever is next in your life.

I do believe life can be difficult, and when I see my little one struggling over trivial issues, such as his mate M. going to enjoy an earlier turn than he does at preschool, I so understand how matters can be complex even in a blessed existence of four years old.

At this very moment I am testing Vegan Richa’s curried peas (not exactly a new recipe, mind you, as it dates back to 2014, you know I am always kind of hip, right?).
It just happens that I am in one of my survival moods theme and that recipe seems so easy maintenance & store cupboard based that it has the potential to become a staple in my lonely desk meals at work. How romantic and entertaining, I just wonder why I need to write this stuff down and yes, I accept that if you are rolling your eyes at me or simply skipping to the next web spot, you are so right.

By the way, if you horribly suffer of office distraction (I can relate), you will be as relieved as I am to find out that it is not your fault! It all lies in the evolution, yay! We have developed in the last gazillions years to be distracted. This is of course not going to excuse me for more distraction today, have you heard, dear self?

Also please note how lovely these orchids are. They are a gift from a nice client of mine: thank you so much dear Mrs. P.! Sometimes it is so rewarding to receive unexpected tokens of gratitude; they make up for many other not so nice encounters with unfriendly fellow beings. We can actually all be naughty at times, but as usually human beings are kind of self centered, we always feel worst when the next person in front of us is not nice to us and probably forget about other times we were not exactly at our top form towards the others.

On the pea department, I just found out I did add too much water to my curried peas, so, well, I have just taken a swift Italian move and added some pasta to it.

Have a nice day!


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