Visualizzazione dei post da Aprile, 2016

Letture ed una torta al limone

Hi there,
Hope you’re doing well!
Today I am feeling sleepy, it might be because of the old saying “Aprile, dolce dormire” (April, sleep is sweet). I did try to check if there was an English version, but apparently only Italians sleep more in April, but please feel free to update me if you also feel drowsy at this time of the year.
If you’re feeling like reading, today I felt moved by this article on how autism touched my family.
And if you haven’t already heard from him before, this essay by Paul Kalanithi, How long have I got left, is mind blowing. I have just read his book and his words still linger in my head. I found a thread about it thanks Ben & Birdy  here.  

On a completely different and much lighter note, as you may know, if you’ve read some of my other posts, I kind of like buying cookbooks and among the various ones, I also am the happy owner of Honey and Co. The Baking Book.
I tried their Saffron & lemon syrup cake and despite the unbelievable amount of sugar it…