Visualizzazione dei post da Settembre, 2016

Struggles and strudel

I have been struggling all morning with a new version of software and I feel so frustrated about it: all my work seems useless and at the end I am exactly at the point where I begun.
During these unhappy professional times, thinking about desserts is possibly a good remedy to shift from reality (beware nasty software, I’ll be back after lunch break!).
You may remember that I rant now and then about the too many cookbooks I buy – and not always use, ahem – and all my good proposals vanish when I see a new release or an ancient oldie but beautiful ragged thing I must acquire.
I thought moving all the books together would help curbing my habit, but it turned out it only ended up shocking my significant other about the magnitude of my culinary library. He has dared me to cook at least one recipe from each book before purchasing another one.
As I am a person of instinct, I immediately accepted. Only afterwards I have made a rough count and it seems I will not be able to purchase any books fo…