il pavone

After a relaxing weekend exploring the outside world, I am stuck here again at my desk not exactly clear in mind but definitely unruffled in my spirits. 

Have you been cooking lately?

I have tried this chocolate chip cookies recipe by Amy Thielen, which turned out quite successful.

The best traits are: you can assemble the dough the day before and bake it effortlessly on the big day; and the amount is massive and sufficient to feed numerous hungry preschool kids.

For the Italian biscotti lover, obviously the recipe is for cookies, which turn out chewy. I know: it is indeed a big shock. I found out on my second attempt that decreasing butter and sugar by 1/3 helped in transforming the dough into crunchy shortbread like Italian frollini texture. Yet my significant other complained, saying that he preferred them chewy. 

At last, I have managed to see a peacock displaying its beautiful tail open. Yes, the whole world probably has seen that before, but for me, at my young (middle) age, it is indeed a very important milestone.

I wish you a more or less fine week.