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meet my dinner


pea guacamole

As you may know already, if you have happened to wander around this little corner of the internet, I kind of buy a few (read: too many) cookbooks. But how am I supposed to resist? Look at this beauty, I just blinked at it and it was love at first sight.

Totally intriguing book, with so many influences and bizarre ingredients, I am very happy with my investment and I'll try tonight the mock guacamole with peas and see what happens.

I know you may think why not testing some fancier recipes, but that means a bit of planning and outsourcing, so let me just get acquainted with it at first.

Have a nice time and thanks for stopping by.

quick oatmeal cookies



Hello there,

have you tried yet this lemon cake by Ottolenghi and Goh?

Whenever I purchase a cookbook and then outsource the just tested recipe online, I wonder why I keep buying them, if almost everything is available for free on the big net.

Well, I guess I just love to have piles of cookbooks scattered in my minuscule apartment, strategically placed so that I can (almost) safely jostle through them while I wander in my sensless home errands.

Wishing you a sparkle of joy in this gray September day,