meet my dinner

Yesterday I prepared this sambar soup, with a few minor changes (asafoetida - as the name suggests and you probably already know - smells fetid and awful. It has entered my family household a couple of decades ago but I did not manage to muster the courage to use it. I understand it is good for you, but there is a limit to the good I can take; so I have added an onion to the lentils whilst cooking. Also, I had no eggplant, so I used up some spinach).

Because it was Sunday I have also baked Liana Krissoff’s browned butter oatmeal cookies (or should I actually state that I burnt them? Well only the upper batch). For some mysterious reason my dough was totally crumbly and dry and a complete mess to work with. I have appreciated the toasting-the-oats step, but it is still not my favorite cookie. It turned out too crunchy and way too ugly to look at (my fault though, perhaps European vs. American butter does make a huge difference in this recipe).

I am currently reading some books:

What drives me insane is that: a. I bought a copy last year and I searched the full apartment and could not spot it, so for the first time in my life I had to buy again a book. b. I usually give away books that I feel I will not read anymore or again, so I am puzzled while reading this particular book wondering if I have read it already or I am just remembering memories from the interviews and articles I have read about it. c. this is so totally spoiling my read, by the way. 

I am new to Brene Brown and I have to admit I am mesmerized, although I find the curses completely unnecessary. She is really creating her own writing style, something crossing over from research books, to self help manuals, biography and storytelling. On the other way round, all these swirls are confusing at times.

Needless to say, today as usual I wish there was an extra free day between Sunday and Monday, wouldn’t it be awesome?

Now I’ll go enjoy my curried green beans, what a fancy lunch.