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pensieri sulle vacanze

Dear Reader,

first thank you for passing by and taking a few moments to think together.

As the holiday season is approaching, I want to share with you some reflections of my current mood:

1. I wish hope and relief to all the people suffering. I am especially thinking about a lovely 9 year old girl who's been recently diagnosed with cancer and I hope she'll recover soon and survive this painful time of her life. Same goes to all the children and other humans that are fighting their daily battle with disease.

2. I send strenght and courage to the loved ones surrounding the sufferers, may a good heart and a steady mind accompany them in their path of sustenance and support to their darlings in such moments of darkness;

3. To the rest of us, blissfully blessed by a momentanous peaceful life, always lost in the search of a mindful existence and unaware of the precious present that we are inhabiting, may we find equilibrium and a higher purpose in order to always grow and develop in…

frullato ACE


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