Good day to you as well, hopefully.

I guess that I may be a tad late on good proposals for 2018, but well, better late than never.

Normally I just don’t write any plans, I possibly take notes on a few things to get done, just to erase them out of my mind actually, so jotting down lists was never among my favorite occupations.

Yet I understand now the charm of a reminder to one self to abide by certain new or actually perennial principles that may have been possibly forgotten or forlorn.

What I wish to:

1. BE KIND: universally kind, to myself (hello dear self, no need to say bad things about you, you can always improve); to my dear ones (hello dear ones, although you may be annoying at times, I love you very much and I should remember this when I nag you about trivial things); to the rest of the world (hello rest of the world, nice of you to show up here or in my path, I should remind myself that possibly your life is difficult too and it does not necessarily need to be worst);

2. BE PRESENT: does it ever happen to you to be in a place in a time, i.e. now and here, and your mind is elsewhere? Like you’re with somebody and ponder about your grocery shopping or unfinished tasks at work, and when you’re at work you’re thinking about driving your kid to sports or seeing a long lost friend soon, and I just could keep going. So, here’s my new deal: I’ll aim at being here now, in all my applications. 

3. BUY LESS: seriously a hard task, because I “need” so many things…ahem, and I should state the positive antonym deed is to EXPERIENCE MORE. So let us forget about space gobbling items and welcome heart and mind filling happenings.

I will not add more, because this is already way too much for my busy and distracted self.